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If you offer Ambulance Services such as basic and advance life support, patient transport, mortuary etc and Road-Side Assistance such as towing, flat tyre repair, jump start etc., then you can partner with Rapid Centre to increase your reach.


Access to a Vast Network

Join our platform for immediate access to a diverse customer network. Gain exposure to individuals, corporations, and organizations in need of reliable ambulance services, attracting more potential customers to your business.

Streamlined Booking and Dispatch System

Our platform's cutting-edge booking and dispatch system ensures efficient service coordination. With a user-friendly interface and intelligent matching, we streamline the process, saving you time and resources to focus on quality service.

Business Growth Opportunities

Join our platform for business growth opportunities. Tap into our vast customer network, attract more customers, and boost revenue. Showcase your expertise and expand service offerings.

Reputation and Credibility

Partnering with Rapid Centre boosts your industry reputation and credibility. Our trusted aggregator rigorously selects and verifies service providers for reliability and professionalism. Gain instant credibility and inspire customer confidence, unlocking new business opportunities.

Marketing and Promotional Support

We understand the importance of effective marketing and promotion. As a partner, you'll benefit from our marketing initiatives that drive customer awareness and engagement. We actively promote our platform through various channels, helping to increase visibility for all our partners and attract more customers to your services.



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Who can partner

  • Tyre Puncture

  • Towing

  • Battery Jumpstart

  • Lockout / Keys

  • On-site minor repair

  • Fuel Supply

  • Ambulance