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Founded by visionary entrepreneur Chirag Rachh, Rapid Centre is a testament to his deep understanding of the hardships and distress experienced during critical moments, be it health breakdowns or car breakdowns. Drawing from his firsthand experience in managing call centres for ambulance services, Chirag recognized the limitations of traditional call centre setups and made the decision to establish a technologically-driven and cost-effective emergency response service of his own. This streamlined approach aims to provide quick and effective support to those in need, minimizing response times and ensuring that the appropriate resources are dispatched as efficiently as possible.

Our Best Team

Chirag Rachh is an experienced Founder & CEO with 15+ years in telematics and telecom. Holds an MBA degree and specializes in Government call centers. Founder and CEO of Rapid Centre, providing innovative solutions in Public Safety. Ready to lead Rapid Centre to new heights.

Chirag Rachh

Founder & CEO

Bhavin is responsible for leading the company's technical strategy, the development and implementation of technology solutions, ensuring technology alignment with the company's goals and objectives, staying up-to-date with the latest technology trends and ensuring the security and reliability of the company's technology systems.

Bhavin Vithalani


Ratan is responsible for leading and overseeing the talent acquisition function, which involves developing and implementing recruitment strategies, sourcing and hiring top talent, managing the talent acquisition budget, and ensuring a positive candidate experience.

Ratan Singh


Saajan's unwaveringdedication to exceptionalcustomer service drives all ofhis capacity-buildinginitiatives. With a keen eyetoward strategic planning,efficient resource allocation,stakeholder engagement.continuous improvement, andtransparent reporting andcommunication.

Saajan Jain

Customer Service

Jay leads the marketing initiatives for Rapid Centre and is accountable for promoting the company's products or services, which encompasses market analysis, advertising. and public relations.

Jay Ladwa


Savita is in charge of creating and implementing training programs, mentoring and coaching employees to improve their abilities, as well as assessing employee performance to determine areas for growth and offering feedback and support to foster their development.

Savita Vinod



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